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How Interactive Are Your Rooms?

Does your room have more than three padlock/combination locks in it? If so, you need more unique interactive elements in your rooms. Many trap rooms suffer from the redundancy of having to find keys or number/letter combinations.

The most effective room escapes are those that utilize different puzzles that no other escape game has to offer.

All of our creations and puzzle designs are trade secrets. Each one is created to be unique to your rooms. For a description and examples of our work email us Here. For a list of our available escape room themes you can also email us or find the link hidden on this site. It's as easy as owning a pet!

We Create For A Living

Our team has an extensive background in television, live theater, and game design. The goal of Test Subjects is to make your escape rooms different from any other out there. We can create custom props, puzzles and even fully themed room concepts for your establishment. The key to profit in the game escape business is to break away from the ordinary and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you improve your guest experience and create something your customers will keep talking about long after they have finished their game. - Facebook
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Laboratory photo: © Joel Styer Photography

Who are the Test Subjects?

Test Subjects consist of three Las Vegas magicians who have combined their love of video games, comic books, magic and other nerdy stuff to create a consulting business making props, puzzles and scenarios for Escape Rooms.

Our unique insight into the entertainment business means our creations are different from top to bottom.

What Can Test Subjects Do For You?

Our experienced team of game testers will go through your rooms and help you optimize your puzzles and interactive elements. We use our knolwedge of technology, magic, performing, and other various disciplines to make experiences that will be unique to your themes.

The Test Subjects team has consulted for various TV shows such as The Cabanaro Effect and Syfy's Wizard Wars. We have also worked with celebrities such as Meat Loaf, David Copperfield, and Gallagher.

Why You Need Test Subjects.

Using your customers and/or family and friends as Guinea pigs often results in improper feedback. With us you get a team of people who are disconnected from your project and will give you accurate and knowledgeable feedback.

Word of mouth is important for a business like live escape rooms to flourish. Poor Yelp  or Trip Advisor reviews can impact your customer return rate. Don't sell your customers an incomplete experience. - Facebook
702-970-TRAP (8727)