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Part Cecil B. Demille, part mad scientist. Bizzaro has been seen on TV shows and creates props and magic for other performers. His creations have been seen on “Ellen”, “The Cabonaro Effect” and “Duck Dynasty” (don’t ask).

He creates many props and puzzles in his secret laboratory in Las Vegas. His official job description at Test Subjects is “problem solver”.  



(AKA: The Shocker) Aside from being seen on TV shows like Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion” on the CW, Greg also performs magic all over Las Vegas. (and everywhere else!)

Greg is Test Subjects’ theme park junkie and immersion expert. If it’s nerdy and cool, he most likely knows about it.

We Are Your Test Subjects

We Are Your

Test Subjects

Test Subjects started as escape room consultants to help fix game flow, puzzles, and room design using our knowledge and experience in magical theatrical productions.

We still consult with various businesses to make cool stuff but also offer other services such as pre-written room scenarios, “Puzzle Pitches“, and our brand new Escape Locks!

However, if you are looking for something that no one else has, perhaps you would be interested in our specialty:

CUSTOM Escape Room Creations


Room Creations

Test Subjects Escape Room Creators

Are you sick of seeing the same escape room themes over and over again? Egyptian temple? Jail break? Serial killer cabin? Do you desire something unique for your customers to experience? This is where Test Subjects comes in!

We specialize in creating custom escape room scenarios that are unique to you and your location. We can take your starting idea and turn it into a fully immersive theatrical experience or create something entirely from scratch.

We combine our knowledge of theater, magic, and technology to make you something that no one else in your market will have. Contact Us to find out more info on how we can make a new room for you! (Click Here to see our super cool EPK!)

Click the images below to see some of the custom rooms we have done!




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Test Subjects