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Escape Locks


Escape Locks

Vintage on the outside, Modern on the inside

Finding old locks that can hold up to the rigors of escape rooms is tough. Even when you find one that can do the job, if the key is ever lost, the lock is useless. This is where Escape Locks comes in.

Our locks look old, but utilize a contemporary mechanism that retains the key in place once unlocked. No more losing keys and scrambling to replace the lock last minute before the next game starts.

Look below to see it in action and browse our current styles.

Key Retention Feature

Once unlocked, the key cannot be removed until the lock is reset.

Escape Locks
Escape Locks

Two Styles to Choose From

We currently offer two lock body styles. If you need custom ornamentation Contact Us.


A classic look

Escape Locks
Escape Locks


When iron just won’t do


An iron lock that has been exposed to the elements

Escape Locks
Escape Locks

Very Rusted

This lock has seen some things

If you need large quantities of locks or a custom design on the lock body use the contact form or email directly: