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We know what you are thinking: What the heck are “Puzzle Pitches“?

Let’s say you’re developing a new room and suddenly writer’s block strikes! You just can’t come up with those last few brain teasers or link certain elements together.

If this has ever happened to you, we can help! We will flesh out your story, fill in the puzzle gaps, and even improve gameflow where needed.

Below is more info on what you get with your very own “Puzzle Pitch“!


We take your parameters and info then churn out exciting new puzzles and ideas for your room.

Video Conference

We go over everything with you and get your feedback live.


We supply you with sketches and layouts to help you better understand/build the puzzles we create for you.


We make sure you understand everything needed to make the magic happen.

If you’d like more info or just want to dive in head first, email us at: